by Rachel Sandene

This month might be a quiet one for new dice Kickstarters, but the DMC Kickstarter Roundup is back anyway! Read on for Wyrmwood’s first dice-specific crowdfunding campaign, a unique way to display your prized sets from accessory-crafting Master Monk Gaming, Eclipse Dice’s shimmering sophomore dice collection, and more.

Saberdice Debut Collection

Ends May 12, 2020 at 6:59 PM EDT

Sharp-edged dice are all the rage lately following the standout success of Dispel Dice, and Saberdice is following closely in those footsteps. While these sets (and the structure of the campaign itself) bear a resemblance to Dispel’s Kickstarter last fall, there are still a few designs that stand out—most notably the remaining three that have yet to be unlocked, which appear to have organic elements within them, like actual birch bark. If you missed out on the Dispel Dice campaign, this one might be worth checking out, or backing out of sheer curiosity!

Plant Based Dice

Ends May 14, 2020 at 9:20 AM EDT

It’s no secret that dice manufacturing is far from an eco-friendly process. We’ve seen companies address this by making jewelry from failed dice, donating B-grades to school clubs, and even using ground-up chunks of leftover plastic as colorful inclusions within new dice. This creator goes a step further in using an eco-resin, which, according to the Kickstarter, is “made out of a waste byproduct of biodiesel manufacturing,” such as soy or corn-based oils. With quite a few options for d6 sets and a 7-piece polyset on the way, this campaign is one to watch, even though it still has quite a ways to go with reaching its goal.

Please note that these dice are made by hand—if they fund, expect delays in fulfillment, as this is typical with crowdfunded handmade dice.

Dice by Wyrmwood: Resin, Handcrafted Gemstone, Glass & Wood

Ends May 14, 2020 at 10:13 AM EDT

Wyrmwood Gaming is practically a household name these days thanks to several successful Kickstarters and their partnership with popular D&D podcast Critical Role. They’ve made a name for themselves by specializing in handcrafted wooden dice vaults and other tabletop gaming accessories rather than the dice themselves—until now, that is! This campaign is a partnership with luxury brand Level Up Dice and the first from Wyrmwood to focus specifically on the best part of tabletop gaming. Featuring a selection of materials from glass and gemstone to resin and wood, as well as collaborations with nerddom celebrities such as Satine Phoenix and Ginny Di, this already wildly-successful Kickstarter is definitely worth a look! And if you’re feeling like adding a funky gimmick to your collection, be sure to check out the “high variance” numbering option. It’s definitely unique!

Tyr’s Treasure: A Tabletop RPG Dice Game of Chance™

Ends March 14, 2020 at 11:00 AM EDT

This Kickstarter is technically for a game of chance rather than dice, but the dice are pretty neat on their own! The brass d6s—used to play the game, and stamped with a runic font as opposed to standard Arabic numbers or pips—are available as singles, doubles, and even larger sets, with both polished and patina options for the finish. The blue-green patina gives a gorgeous ancient look to the dice, and the runes make them feel like something straight out of Middle Earth! If you’re interested in the game itself, all tiers come with a PDF copy of the rules, but we’re definitely in it for the dice.

Oracle Dice Box – Master Monk Gaming

Ends May 16, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT

Master Monk Gaming is another established tabletop accessories company, and their current Kickstarter expands upon their existing product arsenal of handcrafted wooden dice trays, towers, and vaults. Their new Oracle Dice Box is an innovative dice storage solution that incorporates a clear acrylic screen on the box lid so that you can still admire your dice while they’re safe in their vault! The strong magnetic closure will only open if you push the lid from the side (magic!), as opposed to lifting it or dumping the box upside down—combined with the foam inserts, we think this box will be perfect for your prized handmade sets or the more fragile pieces in your collection, such as gemstone or glass dice. There’s a bunch of beautiful woods to choose from as well as an expanded 11-piece set version and other accessories. Can you see the Oracle Dice Box in your future? We certainly do!

Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars 2-4

Ends May 24, 2020 at 8:00 PM EDT

Black Oak Workshop crowdfunded their first Advent-ure Calendar last October, and the resulting product was a major hit in the dice collecting community! I mean, who doesn’t like being surprised with a new die every day during the month of December? And this second installment is actually a series of THREE! It boasts another Yuletide calendar, which is all fine and dandy… but it also includes an option for the spookiest time of the year, as well as a fairy-filled calendar that you can use whenever! So whether your favorite holiday is Halloween, Christmas, or simply the month of September (which is when the rewards are scheduled to be shipped out to backers), Black Oak’s slightly larger-than-average, calendar-exclusive mystery dice are sure to haunt, surprise, and delight you throughout the entire month of your choosing.

Eclipse Dice: Aurora Lights Collection

Ends June 1, 2020 at 2:31 PM EST

One of the hottest Kickstarters last summer was Eclipse Dice’s magical-girl inspired dice campaign. Now, its creator, Nina Aurora, is back with a second collection! This time it’s based off of the northern lights—or, perhaps more fittingly, the Aurora Borealis. These dice hold nothing back on shimmer, and with both gold and silver ink options, there’s no lack of difficult decisions to make for those of us who LOVE glitter. The campaign is aiming to be a “quickstarter,” which means production has already begun. All it needs to become a reality—and a shimmering addition to your dice collection—is backer funds! It’s already funded with almost a month left to go, so success is practically guaranteed. If you love glittery dice as much as we do, be sure to take a look!

Banner photo © Rachel Sandene. All other images used in this post are sourced from the Kickstarter pages themselves and belong to their respective owners.