Traveling Dice Boxes

Current Dice Boxes, By Country:
Clicking the country will take you to the original sign-up thread for that region.  The linked boxes are for actual traveling dice box threads.


  1. Robyn Bailey’s Box:
  2. Scott Kalman’s Box:
  3. Sandie Love’s Box:
  4. Bryce’s Box:
  5. Steve Leventhal’s Box:
  6. Cory Shonuff Gelnett’s Box:

Europe:  Mark Thomsen’s Box:
Canada – Marie Eve’s Box:
Australia/NZ  – Jay Williams’s Box:
UK – Hannah Clayton’s Box:

Travelling Dice Box 8.1 – dice (by Shawn McWha)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018-01 – dice (by Chris Anderson)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #2 – dice (by Chris Anderson)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #3 – dice (by Arthur Storvik)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #4 – dice (by Aree Mady)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #5 – dice (by Tom Hack)
USA Traveling Dice Box KIDS 2018 #6 – dice (by Alex Bredehoft)
USA Traveling Dice Box CURSED 2018 “#13” – dice (by Andrew Kossek)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #7 “Festive Rio” – dice (by Rafael Costa Guerra)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #8 “Festive Rio 2” – dice (by Rafael Costa Guerra)
USA Traveling Dice Box 2018 #9 OOP – dice (by Ro Laren)

Traveling Dice Box Rules

A) Anyone interested signs up in the comments, and gets added to the list in order of request. The list will be full once ten names are added. If you’re already signed up for one of the other boxes currently in transit, you may want to consider giving someone else a chance – but that’s up to you.

B) Each person on the list should send their mailing address via PM to the person above them on the list. (How else will they send it to you?) The first person on the list should send their address to ME, so I can get the box going; and I’ll send my address to the last person on the list, so that they can send it home again once its journey is complete.

C) When you receive the box, you get to decide what you want to take out of it, and what you want to put in to replace your takes. Try to be fair, and put dice back of equal or greater value than what you took out. I’ll be sending the dice in a USPS small flat-rate box; hopefully it will continue to fit in that box as it travels (but sometimes it expands to require a larger size box/envelope).

D) THIS IS IMPORTANT: When you make the trades, make sure to post pictures of the dice that you took out, and the dice that you put in. Seeing trades and tracking what is and isn’t in the box is a large part of the fun. I’ll post pictures of the starting contents of the box in the comments soon.

E) Try not to hold onto the box for too long before you send it out to the next person. Please try to keep the box in motion. It’s also a good idea to send, via PM, the tracking information to the next person when you send out the box.