By: Allison Kate

August has arrived and with it another Kickstarter roundup. There are many fun and unique Kickstarters running through August. Check them out before they are gone!

Geocentric Light /Metallic RPG Dice

Gecko Elite Studio has created glitter metal dice. With three styles of dice to choose from, these metal dice are fun and a great addition to your collection. The Radiant Light series contains a chunky glitter finish available in three colors; golden yellow, brownish-red, and a dark green. The Treasure Light series is made with the same chunky glitter as the Radiant Light but the colors are mixed together giving a neat shimmery effect. If you are looking for something a little more colorful, try the High-energy Manganese Crystal series. These dice are coated in peacock green glitter and the metal edges of the dice have gone through a high temperature process leaving them multicolored. Also available, and something I am excited to see is the cool light up display box. If you are looking for a unique way to showcase your favorite sets of dice, these boxes may be the way to go! Every tier of pledges including dice will come with a leather drawstring bag to make sure your dice come to you safely.

Project ends: August 20, 2020


Moonmares Games has created dice that represent the earlier historical periods of Japan. Each of the three beautifully designed holds meaning for the Japanese culture. While each of the three dice are different, they work together to tell the story of Japan while also maintaining balance to ensure for the most random outcomes possible.

Project ends: August 25, 2020

Daily Dice: Dice That Plan Your Day

Plan your day with dice. A bit of a different use for dice, Daily Dice created a fun way to randomize your days. There are 216 different possible combinations in this creative day planner. As the tedium of staying inside continues, you may find yourself running out of motivation or ideas to get things done. With a die for morning, afternoon, and evening, you’ll never be bored. While these dice may be made available at a later date, backing will give you the option of choosing the Kickstarter exclusive glow-in-the-dark set.

Project ends: August 20, 2020

Giant Metal D20 Dice

Love metal dice? Dark Elf Dice have started a Kickstarter for oversized metal dice. Available in eight different colors and a combination of glittery and shimmery enamels, these dice are sure to be a favorite! 

Project ends: August 18, 2020

Bamboo D 20 Dice Case

Creator Elizabeth has designed a bamboo d20 shaped box lined with velvet to store your dice in safely. The box is large enough to hold over 80 standard sized dice! Also available is a leather dice mat/rolling tray that rolls up to look like a scroll. This kickstarter is very close to unlocking other d-shapes as the kickstarter is funded further. If you are interested in unique ways to store your dice, I would definitely check this out!

Project ends: August 20, 2020

Dragons Nest

3Mates Games has created a “Waterproof folding dice tray featuring custom artwork from Gloomhaven & Frosthaven artist, Alexandr Elichev”. The artwork available on these trays is beautiful and perfect for any Dice Dragon. Additional artwork is available as stretch goals. Also available are metal dice sets that match the colors of the trays. If you are one of the first 50 backers, you will also be given a free 3D printed modular dice tower!

Project ends: August 22, 2020

D&D Dice Tower & Other Dungeons and Dragons accessories!

Smonex has created a tower made of birch plywood. The style and design of this tower means that there is “maximum randomness guaranteed”. If you love the look of this tower, you can also pick up matching storage boxes, coasters, and notepads! There are three different designs available to customize your look. As the project progresses, there will be new colors unlocked.  

Project ends: August 18, 2020

Color Spray Dice Collection – Polyhedral Dice Collections

The Easy Roller Dice Company has created color-speckled 7 and 11 piece dice sets. You can also choose 10 of each piece available in the traditional 7 piece set (10 d20, 10 d12, etc.). There is also a limited availability of wooden dice display and storage boxes in 6 different types of wood. This kickstarter has several stretch goals to release new dice colors and offers additional add-on items.

Project ends: August 13, 2020

Home Grown Heroes: a D&D enamel pin set

This kickstarter gives us terrarium themed enamel pins based on the hit dice of our favorite D&D classes. Creator Caitlin Reid has also included a secret backer pin to all backers. Stretch goals for the campaign include additional classes and stickers. These pins are great if you are looking to display your love for dice and D&D in a fun and creative way. Each pin will have two back posts with rubber clutches  to ensure they stick to whatever you put them on. 

Project ends: August 13, 2020

Nat21 D20 dice that go to 21 and dungeon tiles

Hate natural 20s? Paolo Garbanzo created dice that did away with the 20 and replaced them with a 21! This is great for those DMs looking to provide their BBEGs with that extra edge over the players, or vice-versa. Also available are dungeon tiles in redstone or marble. 

Project ends: August 24, 2020

Elder Dice: Shards of Illumination

Our friends at Elder Dice have created three stunning new sets! These dice are reminiscent of the galaxy and available in three colors. The sets come in matching “tomes” making them the perfect conversation piece for your collection.

Project ends: September 1, 2020

Koi-waii Dice

This kickstarter features dice that are very reminiscent of Koi fish. Available in five unique colors (stretch goals achieved), these dice are sure to swim right into your hearts! Also available to the first 20 who back at the Fish and a Pond tier, are beautiful wooden storage boxes with a unique lid that makes storing your dice a work of art! With much more to unlock as the campaign progresses, you’ll definitely want to dive into this one!

Project ends: September 3, 2020

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