by Rachel Sandene

Valentine’s Day (also known as Singles Awareness Day or Discount Chocolate Eve) is a polarizing holiday—but whether you love it, hate it, or choose to ignore it entirely, you have to admit that any excuse to grow your dice collection is a good one. Read on for some choice selections to celebrate the occasion!

CritIt UK ‘Spirit Of’ Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing like literal Valentine’s Day dice to get us into the spirit of the occasion! CritIt’s numerous ‘Spirit Of’ series have been a huge hit with collectors over the years, ranging from various animals to dinosaurs to Atlantis and the Final Frontier, and their holiday-themed dice are no exception. With a different logo on the highest face of each die, this bright magenta set is sure to get you in the mood for a candlelit dinner—or at least some discounted chocolate tomorrow!

Chessex Lab Dice Vortex Snow Pink

Chessex’s lab dice have rapidly become one of the most talked-about releases in dice collecting this year, especially with the recent arrival of the third wave, which consisted of several experimental Gemini styles. The second wave was dominated by Nebula Oceanic, but we think that this specific set—Vortex Snow Pink—is perfect for today. Due to its lower popularity, it may not be produced again, but you can still find it in stock on many online shops like Dark Elf Dice, Bryce’s Dice, and Beholder’s Gaze, and you could even check your FLGS. It’s also a pretty good dupe for the out-of-print Crystal Caste ice cream dice, so it takes the cake for a sweet gift to your sweetheart!

Handmade Heart Glitter Sets by Deathwish Dice

Deathwish Dice, formerly known as ShopNotDestiny, is a master of cute glitter-filled handmade dice, among which is this ridiculously sparkly pink heart and gold-leaf stuffed polyset. In addition to being positively adorable, the pictured set glows in the dark! The most recent shop restock still has quite a few similar styles in stock, and because they’re crafted by hand, each one is sure to be a unique addition to you or your lover’s collection. Be sure to check out her Instagram for more pictures!

Frozen Heart by Kraken Dice

The entire Forbidden Love collection from Kraken Dice is perfectly suited for V-Day, but we thought this design was an interesting departure from the standard pinks and reds we see used for today’s annual celebration of love. It’s perfect for those of you who aren’t as fond of cutesy colors! If you’re looking for a more traditional color scheme, check out the other two sets in the limited-edition collection—Love Sick, which is a subdued blush pink, and Scorn, which is a more vivid fuschia.

HD Dice Pink/Red Gradient

If you’re looking for an affordable and widely-available set of dice for Valentine’s Day, HD Dice has you covered. They’re one of the largest manufacturers of dice right now, and as such have a ton of red, pink, and other thematic styles, but the simplicity of this layered set is very nice—and means it can be used beyond today’s annual celebration of love. It’s widely available from most online retailers, and you could probably easily find it in a brick-and-mortar store as well.

Wedding Dice by Little Dragon Corp

Colette Miller, founder of Little Dragon Corp, recently got married (congrats, Colette!), and what better way for her to celebrate than to open preorders for Wedding Dice? They’re not exactly V-Day themed, but they look gorgeous, and are a wonderful (and shimmery!) tribute to the momentous occasion of finding The One. I think they’d also be a lovely way to propose or celebrate a special anniversary, but of course you could just buy a set because they’re pretty. That’s my plan!

AfterDark Neon Kiss Dire d20 from Die Hard Dice

Sometimes you just wanna be super loud about how much you love someone, and Die Hard Dice gets that. For roughly the same price as a box of chocolates or a dozen roses, you could order this gargantuan neon pink d20 for your significant other and send the same message. Like the rest of their Afterdark metal dice line, it’s also UV-reactive and glows in the dark. Can you say that about a giant teddy bear? I think not!

Lucky Hand Dice + Heartbeat Dice Collab

Are you anxiously awaiting your dice from the Lucky Hand crowdfunder? Me too, but fortunately they’ve had other projects in the works, too, such as this lovely collaboration with Heartbeat Dice. This minimal design, called “First Life Line,” is a factory-produced polyset featuring the iconic LHD font and a pale red heart set within shimmery translucent grey dice. A portion of the proceeds from the preorder (estimated delivery of March 2020) will be donated to the Trevor Project—a worthy cause for your Valentine’s Day purchase.

Pink Opalite Dice by CrystalMaggie

This set from Etsy seller CrystalMaggie is a fine example of the chivalrous acts of love we’ve come to associate with Valentine’s Day, captured in a set of dice. It sings fairytale romance, with delicate rose and sword details nested around the numbers. It may not be the best choice for legibility, but it is beautiful, and the gold in on the dainty pink opalite is a great choice. CrystalMaggie is well-known for their quality, especially in their Fantastic Glass sets. Looking for faster shipping? Check out our Where in the World are Online Dice Shops guide for other retailers that carry gemstone dice!

Rose Petal Dice by Artisan Dice

Artisan Dice are pros at making unique luxury dice from high-quality materials. These rose petal dice carry a hefty price tag, but man, are they gorgeous! If you’re interested in something with a little more oomph, you could always splurge on the Big Ass Valentine’s d20, which is eight times the size of a standard d20 and would make a perfect paperweight for all those loose-leaf love letters you have piling up. I recommend ordering in-stock items over made-to-order ones, though, as Artisan Dice is known to be somewhat unreliable with fulfilling custom orders in a timely manner.

Faerie Dragon Shimmer Dice by Role 4 Initiative

What even is a Valentine’s Day celebration without candy hearts? Not a V-Day celebration, that’s what! These pastel pink dice from Role 4 Initiative’s new Shimmer line are a match made in dice heaven for everyone’s favourite flavourless treats—and are just as inedible. I also recommend Wiz Dice Cherry Blossom and the entire Pastel Pop collection from CritIt (currently on pre-order) for even more candy heart vibes! Just don’t try to eat them.

Valentine’s Day Metal Dice from Lindorm Dice

This metal set from Lindorm Dice sold out almost immediately when it went live, but the good news is that there’s been a restock! It’s perfect for when you want to show your admiration for someone, but with some added heft (and a little less neon). If you want to snag a set for yourself, though, make sure to order soon, because unlike our love for dice, this new supply is unlikely to last forever and always.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, Dice Maniacs! Remember to save some of that dice money for when all the chocolate goes on sale tomorrow!

Banner photo taken by Scott Kalman.