by Tina Manneborn

2019 has come and gone, with many great dice Kickstarters that a lot of you have backed. 2020 will hopefully not be less fruitful, so here is our first Kickstarter roundup for you this year to help you figure out which projects you might want to support!

Critit: Spirit of the Arctic

Ends March 2, 2020 at 10:15 PM EST

UK based Critit is back with another addition to their ‘Spirit of’ lines. If you’re an animal lover, you may have already eyed or perhaps even own some of their previous ‘Spirit of’ lines, which covered a large variety of different animals and themes. This time they are focusing on arctic themed animals: orca, penguin, polar bear, snow leopard, snow owl, white dragon, arctic wolf and arctic fox. Stretch goals include even more varieties, like puffin, wolverine and yeti. 

New in this Kickstarter is that the sets come with an additional 30mm large custom d20. All dice have an animal logo in place of the highest number of each die. If you like clear dice with wisps of colour and iridescent glitter, this might be just the Kickstarter for you to back. They already surpassed their funding goal and unlocked the first stretch goal, the Puffin set.

Leviathan Dice

Ends February 21, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST

Uber Dragon, a duo from Utah, is presenting their first dice Kickstarter with a range of glittery custom made polyhedral sets that feature the logo of a Leviathan (a sea serpent-like creature based on Jewish scripture). Options offered in the Kickstarter are polysets in a range of different designs, from glow-in-the-dark star inclusions to stunning holo glitter or beautiful layers and wisps. Unlockable are dice trays, stickers and a trap die and card. 

The Kickstarter is currently about $1500 away from being funded, but there’s still time to get to the finish line!

Dragon Scale Metal Dice

Ends February 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM EST

It doesn’t matter if you’re a DM and would like to surprise your adventuring party with an epic dragon fight, or an RPG player who likes dragons, or just a dice enthusiast who thinks inventive designs are hella cool — these new metal dice from Dice Dungeons might be exactly your thing.

The dragon scales inspired dice come in two designs, black/yellow and turquoise/white. However, there are further stretch goals, one of which has already been unlocked, with three further designs waiting to be reached. 

Progressive Pentacle Dice

Ends February 12, 2020 at 4:03 PM EST

When you hear pentacle or pentagram, your first association may be ‘evil witchcraft’, but there’s a lot more to the circled five pronged star symbol than meets the eye. Throughout history, this symbol has been used not only to represent christianity, but also as a sign of royalty or to represent virtues. Today, we often associate it with the four elements of water, fire, earth and air and the element of spirit at the top.

Historical excursions aside, these 6-sided 16mm dice with rounded corners may be perfect if you’re playing a magical character, or just a unique addition to your dice collection. They come in a range of colors, all 11 of them have been unlocked! It’s not completely clear from the Kickstarter information, but best guess is that these are engraved polymer and not wooden dice.

Add-on options are limited 24mm 6-sided pentagram dice with embedded Swarovski crystals and meeple themed products, such as pipped meeple dice, meeple enamel pins or dice towers.

Urban Dice

Ends February 9, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST

A very clever idea, but one that doesn’t seem to have found a lot of traction, seeing how this Kickstarter is only at 1.4% of its funding goal with a few days to go.

Joel’s polyhedral dice sets feature logos representing iconic landmarks associated with well known US cities, such as Seattle’s Space Needle, the Cape Florida lighthouse or the Statue of Liberty torch. Each set also comes in a custom font. At $14 per set, these may just be a perfect souvenir for the avid States traveler or native resident to represent their city. Stretch goals list the possiblity of a Nashville or a San Francisco set, but it seems unlikely that these will be unlocked.

Pure Wood Family Banner Dice

Ends February 9, 2020 at 9:00 AM EST

What family will you fight for? That’s the question Diving Hippo Studios asks for their latest wooden dice Kickstarter where they pitch deer against wolf, lion or crow as their initial 4 designs, plus a potential 12 others as stretch goal add-ons. Beautiful woods like teak, black walnut, padauk or ebony give these 20-sided dice and 2-sided coins a rustic and old feel.

The Kickstarter offers a 24mm d20 with a logo and a 31mm diameter coin-like token for each family banner, and stretch goals of additonal designs in more wood choices. The sandalwood hydra design stretch goal has already been unlocked, and you have about a week to get more of them added to the unlock list!

Dice for All: Metal Pride Dice Flag Dice and More!

Ends February 19, 2020 at 12:01 PM EST

It’s always great to see more diversity in gaming, and Foam Brain Games is now expanding the choice for LGBTQ+ themed dice. Admittedly, the bright colors aren’t always the easiest on your eyes, but they’re vibrant and joyful!

All dice offered in this Kickstarter are torched rainbow metal polyhedral sets with layered enamel paint on the faces, represending the different pride flags. The initial range includes rainbow pride, asexual, bisexual, genderfluid, lesbian, non-binary, pansexual and transgender. There’s also several add-ons such as enamel pins and extra d6s or d20s. Stretch goals include a polyamory flag design, sticker sheet, silver metal option or a mimic speech bubble pin.

Please take a close look at the sample images, because due to the enameling technique, the enamel layers will not be completely straight and have a bit of a wavy feel to them.

Great news, though: the Kickstarter is already fully funded with the first three stretch goals reached.

Head Lopper Custom Dice Sets

Ends February 27, 2020 at 11:15 AM EST

If you’re into comics, you may have heard about the comic series called Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean that tells the story of a Viking warrior Norgal with aforementioned nickname. Publisher Severed Books is now offering customized polyhedral dice as companion pieces to go with the comics.

The dice are red and black swirled polymer with white ink, and come in custom 9-piece sets (regular polyset plus two extra d6s). The three d6s have logos of the severed head of Agatha the Blue Witch from the comics, the rest of the dice a sword as a logo instead of the highest number on every die. Also included are five system-neutral character cards with states and powers and an Agatha dice bag.

Their campaign is already almost 4x over the funding goal. Check out their Kickstarter page for additional add-ons they offer, including character sheets, t-shirts and more!

Make 100: Donkey Dice

Ends February 19, 2020 at 5:06 PM EST

Kickstarter launched the so-called ‘Make 100’ project in January 2020 (Kickstarters launched in Jan 2020 with limited-edition reward capped at 100 backers), and there’s a few dice themed ‘Make 100’ Kickstarters currently running.

One such project is called Donkey Dice — 6-sided pipped 25mm dice handcrafted out of Guernsey granite. For £10 or more you can call two of these your own, with additions of dice trays or dice boxes if you pledge more. The latter are not pictured, however, so may be worth checking with the creator what they will look like.

Make 100: Handmade Dice

Ends March 29, 2020 at 3:50 PM EST

Jessica @ The Wacklery chose the ‘Make 100’ project to get some of her handmade dice out there. She offers several different designs, some are hand-poured resin, some are 3D resin printed. She offers different tiers for the different designs, but please read the description carefully as she says the designs will be randomly chosen and you will not be able to choose exactly which color or design you’re going to receive unless you pick the most expensive tier at CAD$40.

The basic tier starts at CAD$25, two-color design is CAD$30 and premium dice are CAD$35. Her project is fully funded, and she currently still seems to have about 27 backer spots available.

Make 100: «Mystic Moss» Dice

Ends March 9, 2020 at 5:32 PM EST

Another ‘Make 100’ project, this time in more of a forest theme, and limited to one design only. Althea Gianera from Italy will create these lovely resin dice with tiny pieces of actual moss embedded in them, perfect for a druid or nature-loving character in your RPG campaign.

The 1-set tiers are all gone, but one last 2-sets tier is still up for grabs. You can get stickers and a potion bottle keychain in the same moss design as unlocked stretch goals.

All images used in this post are sourced from the Kickstarter pages and belong to their respective owners.