by Alaina McNeal

Looking to build a dice palette for your ice-flavored Water Genasi? Have a special homebrew adventure with Krampus on the loose? Maybe you’re diving into the game Frostgrave or a Reign of Winter Pathfinder campaign, or just really enjoy the winter season. No matter the reason, check out these recommendations for some winter-themed dice!

Reign of Winter by Q-Workshop

The Reign of Winter set uses the common white-and-blue coloration seen in winter dice, with that added Q-Workshop flair. The set is designed to match a Pathfinder campaign set in the frozen lands of Irrisen. The engravings are meant to represent cracking ice and winter magic, making them a perfect fit for an Ice Mage or even a tiefling with Ice Devil lineage.

Four Seasons Winter by Udixi Dice

Udixi released a glitter-filled line of dice this year, each variation representing one of the four seasons. The Winter option features clear dice with a frost white layer packed with white snowflake glitter. These dice can be found at multiple retailers, such as Bryce’s Dice, CozyGamer, or Dark Elf Dice, either alone or as part of a set.

Snowflake Dice by DiceMakers

DiceMakers on Etsy feature plenty of wonderful, seasonal designs on oversized d6s. The Snowflake Dice come in blue with white ink or white with light blue ink. Each side has a different formation of falling snowflakes. These chunky d6s make a great accent piece in a wintry mix, or could be great go-to dice for rolling cold damage from spells like Frostbite or Ice Storm.

Mint Green Neutron Dice by Gate Keeper Games

This set from Gate Keeper Games features a layer of pearlescent green between two clear layers. It makes for a nice, frosted evergreen look. These dice were released with a number of other colors in the same style—Glacier could be another obvious choice for some winter dice. This set would be great for adding some variety to an ice-themed set, or could be a great match for a druid. Purchasing options include the standard 7-piece set, an expanded 11-piece set, a 12d6 pack, or a 10d10 pack for all any variety of tabletop games you may be playing. 

‘Spirit Of’ Christmas by CritIt

Playing a Christmas-themed homebrew game for the holidays? CritIt has your back if you’re looking for a set to match. Each die has a different festive design in place of the highest number, including a candy cane, a Christmas tree, and a reindeer. With a classic red-and-white coloring, they’re a bold and obviously festive choice.

Frost Dice by Dice Envy

Frost Dice are a re-release by Dice Envy after the last set of the original print was sold earlier this year. It’s yet another blue and white snow-themed set, with each face featuring a different snowflake design. Despite their intricate patterns, the dice have easy-to-read numbers. For anyone looking to customize their set, Dice Envy gives the option of purchasing a full 7 piece set and extra singles of any die.

Engraved Frosted Snowflake Dice

These custom d6s are etched and hand painted, making each die unique. They come in both a translucent ice version and an opaque version, depending on your preference. A great addition for any d6 collection or wintry mix dice palette. Being hand engraved, no two sets of these are exactly the same, making them as unique as falling snow.

Christmas Style Green Cat’s Eye by URWizards

For those looking for a higher-end set, these Green Cat’s Eye Christmas Style dice are a bold and beautiful choice. Made of real gemstone, each set is unique. Each die in a 7-piece set includes a different Christmas motif in gold, including antlers on the d20s and Christmas stars on the d6s. They can be bought as a full 7-piece set, or the d20s can be purchased individually. A set like this would make a great gift for winter birthdays or the druids in your party.

Unicorn Ice by Metallic Dice Games

A clear, glittering set with ice right in the name. These dice were an exciting release for many people looking for a lookalike for Chessex’s out-of-print Confetti Borealis. Released as part of Metallic Dice Game’s Unicorn Kickstarter line, this set was a standout from the collection. The clear base will fit in with any color-scheme you choose, and the glitter packs a glamorous punch.

Christmas Strings by HD Dice

If you’re looking for something more glamorous than wintry, this is a great choice. These dice have a lovely half-and-half style with gold and silver glitter. The colors look like anything from Christmas tinsel, glittery fallen snow, or holiday lights. They also look festive for the New Year, and can easily be used outside the winter season. These dice can be found in 7-piece sets from a variety of retailers, including CozyGamer, Beholder’s Gaze, and Amazon.

Die Hard Dice Dreamscape Winter’s Embrace

If you’re looking for some wintry metal dice, Die Hard Dice is always a great place to go. This set features their forge metal style, with blunt edges to keep from damaging tabletops. The faces have a glittery, icy blue inlay and black borders. The blue and black give this set a bolder, darker feel. Die Hard Dice are well-known for their metal sets, so this is sure to be a great addition to a winter dice collection. More customization can be given to the standard 7-piece set, with purchasable add-ons including the oversized Dire d20, single d6’s, or an extended 11-piece set.

Candy Cane by Beholder’s Gaze

Beholder’s Gaze have been consistently releasing exclusive designs. Currently, they have these red-and-white Candy Cane and mint-and-white Cool Mint dice available for pre-order, as well as a purple-and-pink Cheshire set. They feature their Beholder’s Gaze icon on the d20. Dice already look like forbidden candy, and these sets really look tasty.

Banner photo taken by Tina Manneborn.